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Talent identification as early as preschool can help fast track your child’s curriculum in Land O Lakes

Posted on 08-01-2014


Talent identification can play a large role in your preschooler’s development. If a parent is able to identify and nurture their child’s talents, which can very often be quite difficult to do, then they can then work with schools to customize the curriculum towards the best interests of their child. Here we take a closer look at talent identification and how Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Collier helps nurture children’s talents.

Teaching staff

The teaching staff at our Collier campus is devoted to identifying and focusing on developing children’s unique talents. This individualized attention, in partnership with our AdvancED accredited program and exclusive preschool fast track curriculum, ensures that your child gets the best possible start in life.

Learning centers

Our Land O’ Lakes Learning Academy has been fully equipped with everything your child needs to develop his or her talents, whether they are a visual-spatial learner or a physical-tactile learner. Our centers, complemented by our excellent teaching staff, are geared towards providing the best materials for developing your preschooler’s talents.

Nurturing this talent at school and at home

Nurturing talent at daycare and preschool is important, but this nurturing should continue at home in order to reinforce and expand your child’s talents. For example, if your child tends to play mostly with his or her hands, using the body and sense of touch, then he or she is probably a physical learner. This indicates future studies leading to careers such as sports mechanics, and other hands-on types of employment. For a parent of this type of learner, providing plenty of building blocks, Legos and physical activities will engage this child and develop those talents.

To find out more about our excellent preschool program feel free to contact Kids ‘R’ Kids of Collier in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, and we will gladly assist you.

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