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Daycare: Intellectual development in infants

Posted on 05-22-2015 | Holly Holt


From before he or she is born, your infant’s brain is developing in amazing ways. Once he or she is born, you will see your infant’s physical growth, but it is the mental development that is in need of special attention. During the first year of your infant’s life, physical growth and brain development are constantly occurring so it is helpful to understand this process.

Birth to six months of age

During this wonderful stage of your baby’s development, he or she will be learning at an incredible pace. Much of this mental growth occurs through your infant’s senses, especially the abilities to see and to touch. Using these two senses, your infant will explore the world around him or her and gain a lot of stimulation. This stimulation is the key to effective brain development. The sense of hearing also contributes to brain development, so, for example, music is very effective as a tool for mental stimulation. It is essential for you to talk and play with your infant daily to provide the stimulation necessary for your baby’s brain development.

Seven to twelve months of age

This period of your infant’s brain development is when your baby will begin to try to form basic words. While your infant may not be able to connect these phrases to any particular object, this is soon to come as the brain develops. Other characteristics of this period include your infant learning about actions and reactions in his or her interactions with you. It is important that you have positive interactions with your infant because your infant will soon begin to imitate your behavior.

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